Design for the Next Context

Stuart Candy

Design for the Next Context

Filmed on October 15, 2011, at “Pivot: AIGA Design Conference”

About this video

Every act of design reinvents the world in some measure. Yet the design disciplines lack a tradition of thinking through the various worlds into which all this could be taking us. What do designers need to know in order to engage the future with eyes wide open?

Speaker bio

Stuart Candy is a consulting futurist and a pioneer in experiential futures—interactions designed to evoke a sense of what various future scenarios might feel like to inhabit—which he has developed in consulting, education, art and activism settings. Candy is senior foresight and innovation specialist at the global engineering and design firm ARUP, adjunct professor in the design MBA at California College of the Arts, and the first Research Fellow of The Long Now Foundation in San Francisco. He has spoken on foresight and design at venues including SXSW Interactive, New York University, UC Berkeley and the Royal College of Art, London.