Accelerate Advancement Through Organizational Change

Robin Ely

Accelerate Advancement Through Organizational Change

Filmed on October 22, 2014, at “Gain: AIGA Design and Business Conference

About this video

An earlier generation’s desire to achieve gender parity has simply not materialized. As a result progress in women’s professional advancement has slowed considerably in recent years. What can companies and individuals do to accelerate the advancement of women into leadership roles? Using insights gained from her work at Harvard Business School Ely examines current systems supporting women’s leadership development and organizational change and explores opportunities for improvement and share best practices for attracting and developing the diverse cadre of leaders needed to meet the challenges facing business and society today.

Speaker bio

Robin Ely is Diane Doerge Wilson professor of business administration and senior associate dean for culture and community at Harvard Business School (HBS). She conducts research on race and gender relations in organizations with a focus on organizational change group dynamics learning conflict power and identity. Her recent published work includes a framework for the design and delivery of women’s leadership development programs. Ely is presently conducting research on how women can be effective leaders in the face of gender stereotypes and the so-called “double bind” (the well-documented phenomenon whereby women leaders face a trade-off between being liked and being seen as competent) and a study of how cultural beliefs about work and family limit both men and women’s ability to thrive professionally and lead whole fulfilled lives. 

Ely has taught M.B.A. courses in leadership diversity and statistics. Her doctoral courses include gender and race relations and field research methods. She has also taught in HBS’s executive education programs including leadership programs designed specifically for women and for the past several years Ely has maintained a faculty affiliation at the Center for Gender in Organizations at the Simmons Graduate School of Management. Prior to joining the HBS faculty she taught at Columbia University and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Ely received her Ph.D. in organizational behavior from Yale University and her Bachelor’s degree from Smith College. She is a member of the Academy of Management has served on numerous editorial boards of academic journals and is a past associate editor of Administrative Science Quarterly.