Nick Law | 2009 Make Think Design Conference

Nick Law

Fifty years of marketing driven by the TV narrative is coming to an end. As narrative thinkers step aside, design thinkers are stepping forward. Nick Law shares how design has led to some of R/GA’s most memorable and successful digital and interactive campaigns.

As chief creative officer of R/GA North America, Nick Law is responsible for the creative vision of the agency. He guides creative teams consisting of visual designers, copywriters and interaction designers, working in close collaboration across disciplines. He ensures that R/GA stays true to its legacy of collaboration by fostering creative ideas in all team members, including those in technology and strategy. For the second consecutive year, Law was selected for the Creativity 50, the publication’s annual list of the top 50 people who have made a significant mark on our creative consciousness. His work has won numerous prestigious international awards and has been published internationally. Law’s extensive background spans multiple marketing disciplines during 20 years at agencies in the United States and abroad. He worked in design and corporate identity before making the switch to advertising.