Let the Unknown Influence You

Emmi Salonen

Filmed on October 10, 2015, at the 015 AIGA Design Conference

Our surroundings shape and influence design. The more open you are to differences, the more creative and surprising the outcomes can be. Influential environments can be geographical or mental, each unique client forms totally new—and hopefully unexpected—solutions. Designers, as enablers, affect their communities and environments and are responsible for their choices. Saying “yes” to clients comes with the territory, but you also need to know when to say “no.”

A native of Finland, Emmi Salonen has earned past professional stripes in Italy, London, and New York. As well as designing, she teaches at various universities based in the United Kingdom, and regularly lectures across the country. She’s the author of the book Common Interest: Documents, and contributes to industry magazines on topics ranging from typography to women in design. This year, her London-based graphic design practice, Studio EMMI, celebrates 10 years of business. Since its founding, Studio EMMI has developed a list of happy clients from the worlds of art, culture, commerce, and academia.