Command X | Season 2 | Day 2

MIchael Bierut, Sean Adams, Bonnie Siegler, Chip Kidd, & Paul Sahre

Sean Adams, serving as mentor, interviews the contestants and offers pearls of wisdom such as, “If you go through life and you tell yourself there’s no such a thing as a bold serif font, your life will be better.” The remaining five—Ryan Fitzgibbon, Bobby Genalo, Alison Yard Medland, Monina Velarde and Katherine Walker—present their redesigns of Cap’n Crunch cereal. Michael Bierut returns as the emcee of “Command X: Season 2” and our esteemed judges are joined by Kelly Dorsey, who competed in the premier “Command X” competition at the 2007 AIGA Design Conference in Denver.

“Command X,” developed under the creative leadership of Number 17, was hosted by Pentagram partner Michael Bierut and judged by a panel including Bonnie Siegler of Number 17; Chip Kidd, graphic designer and author; Paul Sahre, graphic designer, illustrator, educator and author; and some surprise guest judges. Sean Adams, partner in AdamsMorioka, Inc., acted as the Tim Gunn of “Command X” this year, mentoring and guiding the contestants through the process.