Regardless of Your Perspective

Regardless of Your Perspective
Submitted By Cecile Jordan
Chapter Washington DC
Artist Statement The inspiration for design stems from my empathetic ability to see a situation from multiple angles. In my everyday life, I avoid discussing politics as it’s very hard for me to pick which side is “right” or “wrong.” How you vote really depends on what life experiences you bring to the voting booth and I dislike that the election causes people to criticize one another without really understanding each other’s perspective. That’s why I wanted to participate in this project. AIGA’s campaign goal isn’t to convince you one way or another. Instead it is an initiative to help American’s embrace their own opinions and right to chose. It’s not about cutting down our fellow Americans, but raising up our patriotic spirit. With those thoughts in mind, I developed an ambigram, which is literally a bipartisan typographic treatment. Placed against a black background to maintain a neutral tone, there is no wrong or right way to hang the poster as the viewer will be able to understand the poster’s meaning from opposite perspectives.
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