Vote your Future

Vote your Future
Submitted By John Arriola
Chapter Orlando
Artist Statement Vote your future is about displaying the thoughts of America directed towards people who do not vote. My idea of the poster was to make the thoughts, opinions, how people felt about the election and other current issues America is facing right now apparent to people. The poster is the American flag constructed with different hand-lettered type which symbolizes all the citizens that make up the country. The type is mostly not written in the same exact way which represents how different we are as American individuals with our ethnic backgrounds, gender, sexuality and religion. I wanted the typography to speak for itself and really capturing the anger and frustration this country is currently going through. I want people to take the thoughts and words written on the poster very personal so that they may relate to the subject or even get them to research this national threats we face today. The election of 2016 is very critical to the future ahead of us and it's crucial that we lay the foundation for what is to come. We live in a country built on freedom and justice, standing for the symbol of hope for the world. We must not take for granted the technology we have and the steps of action we can take to educate ourselves and have the freedom to cast a vote that can voice our opinion and truly count. Together, we are stronger and we can change the future.
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