The Ballot is Stronger Than the Bullet

The Ballot is Stronger Than the Bullet
Submitted By Tanner Woodford
Chapter Chicago
Artist Statement In 1856, this message was heralded by an incomparable civil rights activist named Abraham Lincoln. In an exhibition at the World’s Fair 77 years later, Annie E Oliver built a replica of Jean Baptiste Point du Sable’s cabin, while Charles Dawson painted an important rendition of “CHICAGO” on the cover of its catalog. Point du Sable was the founder of Chicago, and Dawson was a leading African American designer in Chicago in the 1920s and ‘30s. The letterforms and illustrations above are based on Dawson’s Chicago. This poster was designed by Tanner Woodford of the Chicago Design Museum. ChiDM strengthens design culture and builds community by facilitating the exchange of knowledge through dynamic experiences. Tanner Woodford is co-founder, chairman, and executive director of the Chicago Design Museum, maker of Iterative Work, and lecturer at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Throughout his career, Tanner has worked as a product designer, community organizer, interaction designer, and developer. He has taught and lectured on design issues, history, and rapid ideation in professional and academic settings. He is irrepressibly optimistic, and believes design has the capacity to fundamentally improve the human condition.
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