Simple Choice, Profound Responsibility

Simple Choice, Profound Responsibility
Submitted By Levi Banker
Chapter St. Louis
Artist Statement Using the United States flag's own stars as symbols of the country's past Presidents, the viewer is drawn down the field to the placeholder star at the bottom. This outlined star represents both the future President, whose identity is undecided, and the future of the states that the stars represent on the flag itself. The lower section confronts the viewer with four separate messages simplified to bring attention to their common denominator: the "Your" statement. This acts as a call to the viewer to realize their ability to directly affect the first three intangible outcomes Choice, Chance, and Future by the tangible action of Vote. Vote is centered at the bottom of the word stack to draw attention to it as the final message of the poster. This causes the word stack to mimic the formation of the stars in the upper section thereby associating their messages with the above symbols. Finally, and most importantly, it should draw a visual simile between the unfilled star symbol, and all four messages as they relate to it and each other.
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