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    AIGA members, be a trusted source. You are smart, you are talented, and, collectively, you see and hear about more design inspiration than anyone. So tell us—and your 20,000+ fellow members and the countless others who visit AIGA.org—what are we missing? Thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom and keeping us interesting!

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    Have you read or seen something online that you think other AIGA members should know about? Share a link on AIGA.org, with a 140-character description of why it’s worth checking out.

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    Whether you are a designer, educator, student or someone who works with design, your perspective matters to this community. Submit a post to AIGA.org today!

    Not sure what to post? You could review an event or a book or a movie about design, or post a Q&A with someone you admire. Offer your advice to fellow designers about a topic that matters to you, or explain why someone else’s work makes your jaw drop (à la Design Envy). Show off your Design for Good project, or tell us about something amazing you’ve learned. The floor is yours!

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    Your client is thrilled! Now tell us how you did it. Submit a case study to AIGA.org, sharing the story behind your design’s concept, the brilliant ways in which you executed it and the fabulous results that followed. We want all of the details—plus pictures. Tell your story today!

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    If there’s a person, company, product or any other story idea that you think should be covered on this site, let us know.

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