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    We Thank You, Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs in memoriam 640px
    In memory of Steve Jobs, 1955–2011. via apple.com

    Yesterday we lost a great champion for design. Steve Jobs defined the dimensions of today’s design profession in a way perhaps no single individual has ever influenced any other profession over time (save perhaps a few religions). At once, he embodied the intuition, audacity, determination and creativity we all aspire to; the unwavering commitment to design that we seek in clients; a belief in both the value of design and the emotional pull of a designed experience; and the vision to create tools that enable us to give form to our own imagination in ways that were inconceivable before.

    No one of us can adequately acknowledge the full influence of Jobs and his Apple on the profession. Help us by sharing with the community the epiphanies you experienced in your relationship with Steve’s legacy.

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