Mr. Will Horton

About Me

I investigate, discover, and try to put what I learn in a better order than how I found it.

Member Since April 2016
Member Type Sustaining
AIGA Chapter St. Louis
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Company 600 Series Design
Email ten.seires006@lliw
Field Information design/architecture
UX/UI design
Interface design

Too creative for engineering school and too pragmatic for the fine arts world, I found a home in design. 


My father was a journalist, and his spirit of investigation and storytelling informs my approach. Like the best journalism, an ideal design is clear and concise, quickly illuminating new worlds and ideas, while also evoking a feeling of delight and/or awe. 

I found my niche early, working for XPLANE and using illustration and design to describe bleeding-edge technologies to business audiences during the dot-com boom. I went on to use those skills in a variety of business consulting environments, from the smallest of small businesses to the halls of Microsoft. 


Since 2011, I have been part of a software development team in a neuroscience research department at the Washington University School of Medicine, helping enable the next generation of imaging-based data science. 


I am finding that the process of investigation, and the principles of clarity, brevity, and delight, apply just as well to the complex world of application and interaction design. 

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