Mr. Esteban Joel Perez-Hemminger

About Me

Striving to heighten the professional standards of our industry.

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I was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico where I obtained a B.A. in Communications and Visual Arts in 2004 and a B.A in Digital Graphic Design in 2008. In 2012 completed the Master of Science in Communications Design program at Pratt Institute in NYC.

During my last year at Pratt, I worked on “certifyD,” a graduate thesis studying the possibility of certification for the communications design industry. Learn more at:

My focus within the broadness of design is in visual communications and problem-solving. I am influenced by music, architecture and the quest to establish semantic/syntactic relationships between design and content. Function, visual perception, process and a strong concept guide my work. 

I believe that in thoughtful design there's no room for ambivalence or randomness. Every element, word and image should exist for a reason and serve a specific communication purpose. Responsibility is key for meaningful design work.

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