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  • FAQs: Commenting policy

    AIGA welcomes the sharing of comments that further the discussion of content on AIGA.org, but we urge you to be mindful of these policies.

    • Comments on the AIGA website are moderated. If you are an AIGA member or registered site user under a verified name, your comments will be published without delay. Otherwise, you must wait until the site administrator has reviewed and approved your comments before they will be published.
    • Please try to keep your comments concise, informative, respectful and relevant to the topic at hand. Try to refrain from generic comments (e.g., “Nice article,” “Thanks for posting,” “This sucks,” etc.). You've got the floor, so to speak, so we hope you'll use it to say something useful.
    • While we will not enforce it, we hope you will also use your full name when posting, as it fosters more open and thoughtful communication with others.
    • If you submit comments under an anonymous or false identity, the AIGA site administrator may refuse to publish it for any reason.
    • While we seek to create an open forum that is inclusive and diverse in its ideas and expressions, we will not tolerate malicious, obscene, racist, sexist, abusive or otherwise offensive language on AIGA's pages. AIGA may delete any post deemed inappropriate without warning. In the case of repeated offenses, AIGA may terminate your posting privileges.
    • While it isn't something we would regularly opt to do, in certain cases your post may be edited. If you are a registered user and have provided a contact email, you will be notified first of any changes to your comments.
    • The AIGA forum is for non-commercial purposes only. Therefore, comments intended to solicit funds, advertising or services may be refused, altered and/or deleted from the site. (Knock-off handbag sellers, be warned.)
    • You may not post, upload or transmit any software or other material that contains a virus or other harmful code or device. You may not use the AIGA website to distribute chain letters, mass mailings or SPAM or to gather email addresses for the purpose of sending SPAM to other users of the AIGA site.
    • By posting, uploading or transmitting any material on or through AIGA's website, you hereby grant AIGA a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide license to use that material in all media, whether or not now known.
    • AIGA is not responsible for verifying the accuracy of statements submitted by users in the comment sections.
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