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  • Design Journeys Archive

    “Design Journeys” is a collection of stories about the professional lives, contributions and portfolios of historically under-represented designers that serves as an accessible body of research honoring their accomplishments.

    Individuals selected for “Design Journeys” are published in this online archive including visual samples of their work with an insightful, biographical essay.

    History of the project

    In 2005, the AIGA Task Force on Professional Diversity developed a list of recommendations for increasing diversity within the profession. Among the stated goals were to publicize outstanding designers of varying backgrounds and create traveling shows of the work of diverse designers. The “Design Journeys” project seeks to achieve both—by not only celebrating the stories and work of these practitioners, but also influencing the next generation of young people from all backgrounds to consider design as a viable and rewarding career.

    The archive’s board of advisors convened for a day in the summer of 2007 and reviewed candidates recommended through AIGA’s online form for this project, ultimately selecting 25 designers to be featured in the first “Design Journeys” installment.

    From May 20 through August 6, 2010, “Design Journeys” was presented to the public in an interactive exhibition at the AIGA National Design Center. “Design Journeys: You Are Here” celebrated the work of the 25 pioneering designers and invited audiences to consider their own paths in life.

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  • 25 results
    • Gail Anderson

      Gail Anderson

      by Steven Heller

      Gail Anderson (2008 AIGA Medalist) is recognized for her eloquent editorial and entertainment desi...

    • Archie Boston 300

      Archie Boston

      by Alan Rapp

      Designer and educator Archie Boston admits he likes to test boundaries when possible, and holds that...

    • Andy Cruz 300

      Andy Cruz

      by Jesse Ashlock

      Andy Cruz established the basic modus operandi for what would one day become the Delaware-based t...

    • Charles Dawson 300

      Charles Dawson

      by Daniel Schulman

      One of Chicago's leading black artists and designers in the 1920s and '30s, Charles Dawson is b...

    • Aaron Douglas 300

      Aaron Douglas

      by Michele Washington

      Aaron Douglas, a leading artist of the Harlem Renaissance, helped set in motion a new visual la...

    • Emory Douglas 300

      Emory Douglas

      by Pitchaya Sudbanthad

      In the 1960s and '70s, Emory Douglas oversaw the art direction and production of the official ne...

    • Rafael Esquer 300

      Rafael Esquer

      by Pitchaya Sudbanthad

      Rafael Esquer's fascination with typography inspired him to study graphic design. His days of pus...

    • Karin Fong 300

      Karin Fong

      by Holly Willis

      Karin Fong is a founding member of Imaginary Forces and the designer behind a long list of stellar ...

    • Sylvia Harris 300

      Sylvia Harris

      by Laura House

      Through her work for clients in business, nonprofit and government, design strategist Sylvia Harris ...

    • Lorenzo Homar 300

      Lorenzo Homar

      by Serafin Méndez

      Puerto Rican artist Lorenzo Homar was a pivotal figure of the fields of design and plastic arts d...

    • John C Jay 300

      John C Jay Has 10 Lessons for Young Designers

      by Geoff Rogers

      Creative mastermind John C Jay moves seamlessly across disciplines in an impossibly broad world...

    • Steve A. Jones 300

      Steve A. Jones

      by Jamin Brophy-Warren

      A designer and educator who came to design through a love of graffiti, Steve Jones is the co-found...

    • Garland Kirkpatrick 300

      Garland Kirkpatrick

      by Camille Lowry

      Garland Kirkpatrick, founder of the social-design consultancy Helvetica Jones, grew up in Chicago...

    • Saki Mafundikwa 300

      Saki Mafundikwa

      by Camille Lowry

      The author of Afrikan Alphabets, a comprehensive review of African writing systems, Saki Mafun...

    • Chaz Maviyane-Davies 300px

      Chaz Maviyane-Davies

      by Jamin Brophy-Warren

      From Zimbabwe to Switzerland to Zambia and, finally, the United States, graphic designer and educato...

    • Pablo Medina 300

      Pablo Medina

      by William Bostwick

      Punk rock was Pablo Medina's first taste of graphic design: “All these symbols and logos and sten...

    • Rebeca Méndez 300

      Rebeca Méndez

      by Holly Willis

      Born in Mexico and now living in Los Angeles, Rebeca Méndez thrives on the threshold of discipl...

    • Bennett Peji 300

      Bennett Peji

      by Jade Chang

      Manila-born, San Diego-based designer Bennett Peji embraces the self-coined aphorism “form follows...

    • Samina Quraeshi 300

      Samina Quraeshi

      by Alan Rapp

      Few designers have done as much as Samina Quraeshi to integrate design, education, research, cul...

    • Edel Rodriguez 300

      Edel Rodriguez

      by Charles Hively

      Speaking with Edel Rodriguez you hear the recurring theme of freedom. As a boy, the Cuban-born ar...

    • Art Sims 300

      Art Sims

      by Holly Willis

      The designer behind some of Spike Lee’s most iconic movie posters, Art Sims is the founder and CEO ...

    • Lucille Lozada Tenazas 300

      Lucille Lozada Tenazas

      by Jesse Ashlock

      During her long career as a design practitioner, educator and “cultural nomad,” Lucille Tenaza...

    • Michele Y Washington 300

      Michele Y. Washington

      by Angela Riechers

      Michele Washington's journey as a graphic designer, educator and writer reflects an omnivorous ...

    • LeRoy Winbush 300px

      LeRoy Winbush

      by Lauren Weinberg

      LeRoy Winbush (2008 AIGA Medalist) is recognized for his pioneering influence as a self-taught des...

    • Maurice Woods

      Maurice Woods

      by David Gottwald

      Maurice Woods once dreamed of playing in the NBA, but instead the 6' 10“ designer has reached new ...

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