Celebrating AIGA, 1914-2014

To celebrate the AIGA Centennial, designers from across the United States were asked to select one year from AIGA’s history and create a social, political or cultural statement.

This collection of designs by AIGA Medalists, Fellows and national and chapter presidents provides a remarkable overview of the history of the 20th and early 21st centuries. The richness and variety of these annual snapshot in words, images, symbols, marks and photographs is a testament to the talent and vision that can be found in the ranks of AIGA members.

This project was conceived by AIGA Centennial Gala co-chairs Mark Randall (Worldstudio) and David Gibson (Two Twelve) as a marker of our history, a reminder of the joys and terrors we have witnessed and a record of the remarkable times in which we have lived during AIGA’s first century.

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