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  • AIGA nominations process

    The 2015 AIGA Nominating Committee is now recruiting national board nominees for five open seats for the July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2018 term.

    Nominations must be submitted by Friday, December 12, 2014

    The 2015 Nominating Committee, chaired by Heather Olson (AIGA Minnesota), is currently reviewing nominations for four open seats for the July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2018 term. A fifth seat will be occupied by Su Mathews Hale, president elect. Three of the four open seats are available for unrestricted nominations, since one must be filled by a candidate for the treasurer’s position.

    Once ratified by the current board of directors, sustaining-, design leader- and trustee-level members will have the opportunity to vote on the slate of nominees in Spring 2015.

    Copies of the nomination form must be completed, signed and submitted digitally by December 12, 2014 to Liv Eck, 164 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010.

    The nomination process is designed to identify, encourage and enlist the active participation of dedicated professionals in the service of AIGA at a leadership level. The procedures outlined below assist the nominating committee in conducting a fair and equitable evaluation, deliberation and recommendation process for all nominated candidates.

    Nominating committee

    The committee consists of AIGA members who are not on the board to make sure member interests are represented in the new nominations and that the national board is not self-perpetuating (a weak point of many association boards). This process is an open, inclusive one; anyone who completes the nomination form will be considered.

    The 2015 nominating committee:

    • Matthew Bacon, Motiv, AIGA Boston
    • Craig Hughes, Studio Polymath, AIGA Nebraska
    • Heather Olson, Franke+Fiorella, AIGA Minnesota (chair)
    • Liz Ott, Threespot, AIGA Washington DC
    • Nikki Villagomez, Dixon Huges Goodman, AIGA Cleveland
    • Pam Williams, Williams & House, AIGA Connecticut

    Brief given to the 2015 nominating committee

    The slate of nominees should include a minimum of 20 percent of racial/ethnic minorities, in order to, over time, ensure that the board reflects the population at large. Similarly, the slate should show balance in terms of gender and geographical diversity.

    For the board to fulfill its potential, it is valuable to have a variety of skill, experience and interest levels represented. Considering the roles and contributions of departing board members and the current needs of the organization, it would be useful to have board members who can each represent at least one of the following attributes and preferably more than one:

    • Chapter-level experience or the respect of chapters' role
    • Multi-disciplinary, global perspective toward design
    • Interdisciplinary or integrated design
    • Entrepreneurial character and experience
    • Sustainable design practices
    • National recognition as a thought leader
    • Experience in member outreach, growth and retention

    Nomination categories

    There are two ways to be nominated for national AIGA board positions:

    • Peer: Any current AIGA member who feels a particular individual will enhance the quality of leadership on the AIGA board may nominate that person. Members can do this by providing their candidate with the nomination form and to notify the board nominating committee of their recommendation. Members may also write a recommendation letters for a nominee. The nominee need not be a member at the time of nomination, but will be expected to become a member if approved. Each peer nominee will be asked to complete the nomination form and to return the information by the deadline.
    • Self: Any current AIGA member willing to participate and to fulfill the obligations of board membership may self-nominate by completing the nomination form and returning the information by the deadline.

    Completing the nomination form

    Each nominee is expected to download and complete the same form so that the nominating committee may consider the credentials of all candidates individually, as well as comparatively. Read the Board Roles and Responsibilities to better understand the nomination process and the responsibilities of elected board members. If you have questions about this form or the nomination process, please contact the chairperson of this year's nominating committee.

    The nomination form is designed to help the nominee prepare and present his or her qualifications in a consistent and orderly manner. The application process is thorough to assure that the committee has the same information on all candidates, recognizes the work nominees have done at the chapter level and reveals the level of commitment of the nominee.

    Download the 2015 Board nomination form (114 KB)

    Copies of the nomination form must be completed, signed and submitted digitally by December 12, 2015 to Liv Eck, AIGA, 164 Fifth Avenue, New York NY 10010.

    Responsibilities of the board of directors

    Most of the board’s responsibilities are fairly traditional, but two specific obligations warrant notice:

    • Each Board member is encouraged to participate in AIGA at the Design Leader or Trustee level once elected.
    • Each Board member is expected to accept responsibility for leading an initiative of the organization.

    Find out more about all the responsibilities of confirmed AIGA board members.




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