Writing for Visual Thinkers

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Developed by AIGA, this insightful e-book by Andrea Marks is designed to help people who think in pictures—a segment of learners that by some estimates includes almost 30 percent of the population—gain skills and confidence in their writing abilities. It takes full advantage of its rich media format with a wealth of images and links to articles, books, websites, blogs, wikis, video and audio podcasts. Written with the visual thinker in mind, Marks offers a feast for the eyes—from Leonardo da Vinci’s sketchbooks to video of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road scroll—adding depth and dimension to the written word and encouraging readers to explore their thoughts and ideas in text.

Writing for Visual Thinkers approaches the craft of writing from many directions, all with the ultimate goal of unblocking the reader’s verbal potential. Both experimental and pragmatic, Marks’s methods will result in stronger, more verbally confident artists and designers.

Read an article by Andrea about writing this e-book, download an excerpt and listen to an interview from the project.

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