Design Leader interview series
Design Leader interview series
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Equity through leadership

Heather Stern, AIGA Women Lead committee co-chair and Chief Marketing Officer at Lippincott, recently said of advocacy on behalf of women: “Let's not make it about one day or one month or one march. We need to be celebrating, supporting, and advocating for women and for equality always.” Through celebrating the achievements of women in design, cultivating awareness of gender-related issues, and building connections, that’s what AIGA Women Lead aims to do. The need has never been more palpable. Thanks in part to AIGA and Google's Design Census and subsequent data visualizations like this one from Willoughby Design, we know that although women outnumber men in AIGA’s membership, many of the same hurdles to reaching gender parity in design leadership persist.

About this series

For this first-ever interview series, AIGA executive director Julie Anixter spoke with AIGA Women Lead committee members and supporters who are stewarding in a new era of increased leadership and impact by women in design. (Increased design impact? Great for everyone.)

Lynda Decker, co-chair of AIGA Women Lead, said of interviewing for this series, “remember, men don’t spend time thinking about how to speak their mind and still be adorable.” These interviews definitely go beyond “adorable.” From “terrifying” moments to the “most valuable,” we covered a lot of ground: how these women leaders got to where there are today, what they learned along the way, and everything inbetween. The result is great insights for you.

New stories from our supporters will be shared each Wednesday throughout Women’s history month.

Here's what our AIGA Women Lead supporters had to say:

About AIGA Women Lead

AIGA Women Lead is committed to empowering women in design and advancing the vital discourse on issues facing professional women today without generalizing or segregating women designers. Instead, we aim to address persistent biases and inequities inclusively and constructively through programming around three goals: celebrating the achievements of women in design, cultivating awareness of gender-related issues, while building knowledge and leadership skills, and connecting, by facilitating relationships within and beyond the design industry.

This year, AIGA Women Lead has also launched the Gender Equity Toolkit, an activity set you can use to battle one of the leading causes of disparate access to leadership positions in the design field: implicit gender bias. 

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IBM is proud to support AIGA Women Lead in 2017.