Webinar: Becoming a manager

We encountered difficulties in producing and distributing the David C. Baker “Financial Metrics” series and feel we need to cancel this webinar, since all who signed up were not able to easily access them.

The David C. Baker webinar series has been very successful, as expected, in providing meaningful and helpful content for AIGA members. We will explore improvements in the system and work with David to see if there are other ways for members to experience his advice.

AIGA will continue to host other webinars throughout the year. If there is particular webinar programming you’d like to see from AIGA, please let us know!

Presented by David C. Baker as part of the “Financial Metrics” series, provided as a benefit for AIGA members at the Sustaining Member level and above 

This webinar will explain: 

  • What your priorities should be, no matter what size your firm is
  • Your role, whether it’s just yourself or you have five people on your team
  • The three things you must never delegate
  • Which important activities you should concentrate on with your additional time
  • How the dynamic changes if you are not the only principal in your firm
  • How to consciously wear the “player” and “coach” hat at the same time and manage in a way that makes employees thrive, love the culture and want to work for you

Attend this session to learn how to make better decisions around your specific role, so that you’re contributing in the right places and your firm flourishes.


David C. Baker 100wDavid C. Baker, principal of ReCourses, Inc. 

David speaks 30 to 35 times per year worldwide; has analyzed more than 750 marketing service firms; has worked in or visited 24 countries; and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, Forbes, CBS Business Network, MarketingProfs, Businessweek and many books others have written. He speaks regularly for Harvard, SVA and TEDx events. His book, Managing (Right) for the First Time, was named by Inc. Magazine as one of the “Best Books for Entrepreneurs.”