Moving Screens: Video for Mobile Devices

Part of “Breakthroughs: Where Inspiration and Technology Meet,” a new webinar series designed by Adobe and AIGA

Thanks to improved internet bandwidth and the power of mobile devices, it’s now commonplace for people to watch video on these devices. As designers get more involved in creating websites, apps and digital publications, they have more opportunities to incorporate video into their work. Additionally, DSLR cameras are giving people an affordable way to capture relatively good-quality video. With all this content—and all this opportunity—how can designers get involved? There is definitely still a time and place for highly-produced, top-quality video content. But there’s also increasing opportunity for timely, okay-quality video, particularly in the world of social media. So let’s talk the basics of video editing and motion design.

In this webinar, Will Hyde of Superfad and Adobe expert Rufus Deuchler explore cinematography, camera language, type in motion, story arc, lighting, sound and the balance between capturing and editing.

This session was recorded on November 28, 2012. Watch this webinar.



Hyde 200pxWill Hyde is one of those rare people whose right and left brains are in sync—his conceptual abilities are matched by his deep technical skills. Where most people can either conceive of a project or execute it, Will works the whole continuum.

Will came to Seattle in 1991 as a founding member and design director of The Stranger, which has since become an influential force in Seattle’s culture. In 1995, he was a founding partner of Digital Kitchen, initiating a new era of experimentation in graphic design for film and television.

In 2001, he founded Fad (now Superfad) and, over the past eleven years, has worked on major campaigns for Sprint, Honda, Sony, Netflix and Pioneer. In 2005, he was awarded a Silver Lion in the film category at Cannes.

Deuchler 200pxRufus Deuchler, senior worldwide design evangelist at Adobe Systems, has established himself as a leader in a very specialized arena. With an affinity for creative technology and experience as a corporate and editorial designer, he brings more than 20 years of hands-on experience using Adobe applications to the creative table. Rufus delivers comprehensive product presentations to audiences large and small across the globe.

Based in Italy, Rufus enjoys traveling the world to further his mission as a software evangelist.



Callie NeylanCallie Neylan is a designer, researcher and writer who has worked in visual and interaction design for renowned design firms Gensler and Teague and nonprofit media organization NPR. She has served as adjunct faculty at the University of Washington in Seattle and at UMBC and MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) in Baltimore, teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses in design. She is an award-winning designer whose work has been recognized by Communication Arts, I.D. and AIGA, and featured in The New York Times, Fast Company and on Gizmodo.

Callie holds an MFA in design from the University of Washington and is a Senior User Experience Designer at Microsoft where she designs user-friendly data visualization tools.

About this series

“Breakthroughs: Where Inspiration and Technology Meet” is a new webinar series designed by Adobe and AIGA exclusively for members.

Great designers need more than good ideas to succeed. Knowing this AIGA and Adobe, the official AIGA sponsor for design solutions, have designed a free members-only webinar series to explore the ways that today’s studios are creating innovative, multiplatform experiences and the tools they’re using to achieve them.

Through visual presentations and instructive case studies, visionary designers will pair with Adobe experts to offer guidance to help lead you to your next breakthrough. Moderated by educator and interaction designer Callie Neylan, each session will address industry best practices and fresh ideas for using new technology and platforms to solve client challenges.

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