Webcast: Design for Democracy

Election Design Field Guides 300

A look at the past, present, and future of Design for Democracy

Part of the AIGA Insight series, which aims to meet members’ expectations for openness and transparency. 

Independent, pragmatic and committed to the public good, Design for Democracy collaborates with researchers, designers and policy makers in service of public sector clients and AIGA’s goal of “demonstrating the value of design by doing valuable things.”

Learn how the Design for Democracy initiative has been involved in election design over the past 12 years, and what’s on the horizon. Then learn how you can get involved to “increase civic participation and help make interactions between the U.S. government and its citizens more understandable, efficient and trustworthy.” 

This session was recorded on November 8, 2012. Watch the webcast.


Drew DaviesDrew Davies, design director of Design for Democracy and national AIGA board member 

Drew Davies is the founder and design director of Oxide Design Co., a communications and information design firm established in 2001. He was recently named to Graphic Design: USA's list of People to Watch in 2012. Davies uses design to solve problems, realize meaningful change, help people and make sense of the world.