Webcast: Products of design

Part of the “AIGA Voices” series of webcasts which features thoughtful and influential designers—including AIGA board members—speaking about a wide range of topics. 

This session was recorded on February 28, 2013. Watch this webcast.

In a design landscape increasingly characterized by cross-pollination, the range of work that designers are expected to produce is exceptionally broad. From sets of instructions to social interventions, from DIY hacks to digitally fabricated artifacts and from mass-produced products to speculative objects, the products of design span strategic and formal expression that require a similarly multi-valent design education. Learn how one program—an MFA in Products of Design—attempts to address this need by way of a pedagogy that fortifies design thinking, design making and design doing.


Alan ChochinovAllan Chochinov, partner of Core77 and national AIGA board member

Allan is a partner of Core77, a New York–based design network serving a global community of designers and design enthusiasts. He is also the chair of the new MFA in Products of Design graduate program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Prior, his work in product design focused on the medical, surgical and diagnostic fields, as well as on consumer products and workplace systems.