Webcast: Global zoom: Managing design in the age of globalism

Part of the “AIGA Voices” webcast series, which features thoughtful and influential designers—including AIGA board members—speaking about a wide range of topics.

This webcast was recorded on February 19, 2013. Watch this webcast.

Christopher Liechty, partner at Culture3, LLC and two-time AIGA Fellow, shared practical tips for managing global brands and creating global campaigns. The key issue is to imagine that you have a “zoom lens” that allows you to change your focus from global to local. In many ways, it is beneficial to create globally standardized campaigns, but you must have the flexibility to zoom in and create custom campaigns for particular cultures and languages as needed. Case studies from large brands were shared.

In this webcast attendees learned:

  • Common concerns and issues in managing global branding campaigns
  • How to establish a zoom-lens approach to brand management
  • Practical tips for designing multilingual campaigns



LeichtyChristopher Liechty, partner in Culture3, LLC

Christopher began his career working on an international team at WordPerfect Corporation straight out of college. Since then, he has logged more than 20 years working on global teams as a consultant to American Express and other international organizations. He is currently a partner in Culture3, LLC, a training firm that provides tools for cultural discovery, and vice president of marketing at Bank of American Fork, Utah’s community bank leader. He has also taught marketing at the M.B.A. level.

Christopher was named an AIGA Fellow in 2008 for his work as founding president of the AIGA Center for Cross-Cultural Design and again in 2011 as an AIGA Salt Lake City Fellow. Through his leadership in cross-cultural design, he has developed relationships around the world, and his writing and creative works have been published internationally. One of his visualizations of cultural data was exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.