Video: Service Design

Service Design

Filmed on October 14–15, 2011, at “Pivot: AIGA Design Conference

About this video

Americans spend a significant amount of money on services—67 percent of total consumer spending, according to the Wall Street Journal. As designers, we play an important role in designing better service experiences. But what exactly is service design? How is designing a service different than designing a website or consumer environment? In a series of affinity sessions at “Pivot: AIGA Design Conference”—curated by Continuum and moderated by Ed Milano, Continuum’s vice president of program development—designers from a variety of industries, who deal with services daily, discussed the entire service-design ecosystem and how designers can craft dynamic, actionable and better overall experiences for the public.

This video was produced by Continuum and was filmed and edited by Cantaloupe.


  • Rachel Abrams, founder, Turnstone Consulting
  • Ryan Armbruster, vice president of innovation competency, UnitedHealth Group
  • Maggie Breslin, senior designer/researcher, Center for Innovation, Mayo Clinic
  • Sarah Drummond, service designer, MyPolice and Snook
  • Shelley Evenson, research manager in design and user experience, Facebook
  • BJ Fogg, director, Persuasive Tech Lab, Stanford University
  • Derek Howard, industrial concept designer, Disney
  • Ed Milano, vice president of program development, Continuum
  • Lesley Mottla, vice president of member experience, Zipcar
  • Henry Newton-Dunn, design manager, Sony Electronics
  • Eric Nicolas, director of global brand management, Holiday Inn