Video: Patrice Martin

Insight, Intuition and Inspiration: Design Driven Innovation in the Social Sector

Filmed on October 10, 2012, at “Gain: AIGA Design and Business Conference

About this video

Join Patrice Martin, co-lead and creative director of, a new nonprofit launched by IDEO, for a conversation on the intersection of design and poverty-related challenges. She shares experiences and learnings from’s first year of work, and shows how extreme constraints have led to both new solutions and new ways of working. Martin discusses the role of insight, inspiration and intuition in designing for low-income communities, reflecting on successes, failures and new questions that have emerged from applying design to the challenges of poverty. Martin also highlights what is learning from partnering directly with nonprofits, social enterprises and foundations.

Speaker bio

Patrice Martin is the co-lead and creative director of, the nonprofit organization started by IDEO to address poverty-related challenges through design and to encourage the use of human-centered innovation in the social sector. Martin’s work at focuses on partnering with nonprofits, social enterprises and foundations to deliver innovative solutions to problems that affect low-income communities. She’s worked across a diverse set of challenges, including youth employment, early childhood learning, scalable solutions for water and sanitation, financial inclusion and more. She also created and stewarded HCD Connect, the online platform to build community amongst human-centered practitioners, a vibrant website that now has 10,000-plus users. Before founding, Martin was a design director with IDEO and her work spanned large-scale social change in the private, public and social sectors, with clients including Nike, Mayo Clinic, The American Red Cross, Gates Foundation and Marriott International.