Video: Justin Ahrens

Experience Wonder. Do Different.

Filmed on October 10, 2012, at “Gain: AIGA Design and Business Conference

About this video

As creatives, we don’t see the world like everybody else. We are built to see it differently. Most of us have a passion to infuse our work with good, changing it for the better—but how do we actually accomplish this? Justin Ahrens explores how wonder can be a transforming catalyst for you and your team to do more in your community and beyond.

Speaker bio

For more than 10 years, Justin Ahrens has led Rule29 in the firm’s commitment to “making creative matter®.” Through a collaborative approach to both strategy and design, Rule29 has fostered a culture that encourages involvement in many social causes. This is particularly evident in the company’s involvement in numerous social causes, including their substantial work in Africa. Ahrens has also been a consistent voice for the design community as it relates to balancing life, design and business. His obsession for design is only overshadowed by his passion for being home with his wife, Sarah, and their four amazing kids (who think Dad’s job is listening to music, drawing pictures and playing on the computer). Ahrens has also been a consistent voice for the design community on balancing life and career: he’s the author of Life Kerning: Creative Ways to Fine Tune Your Perspective on Career and Life.