UX Design, Depreciated Perspective Through 1's & 0's

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Consider what knowledge is. It's information. It is fact. It is trivia. It is the aggregation of loose threads assembling interest. It is also imagination. Consideration. And the cognitive processes of discovery and research.

Knowledge is also a noun, and as such articulates a notion of completeness.

Knowledge therefore is a statement, requiring only the removal of dilution. It demands perspective. It hovers above information, swirls through cognitive activities and rebounds from forming perspective, frenetic and assured.

Knowledge in the formation of perspective remains common as a component within our psyche. Insisting either avoidance or submission, develop over time into profound cognitive mechanisms of motive, reason & measure. Perspective, therefore, is conditional - assisting in our immediate scope of need, fear, accountability.

Consider the scope we currently enjoy today as the information superhighway, the Internet. It is becoming a perspective formed through a variety of hosts. Though identifying information as fact, remain reliant on the mechanisms of aggregation - indexing the process of asset retention. Relevance, therefore, in its natural state, is lost with its integrity via context and cultural purview, missing.

Currently the internet, its products, its celebrity is focused on providing clarity along specific marketing, sales, and containment strategies. This inherent value, relevance, therefore is under attack; diluted from its primary goal of disseminating information - via technology - to the masses.

As communicators we should review our ability to retain these inherent qualities: Access, Relevance, Context, provide by undiluted information rather than projecting a cultivated database.

Over time this approach has always proven fatal to the developing awareness of relevance and accountability to the world which surrounds us.