The Green River Newspaper

The Green River Newspaper was a finalist for the 2013 Design Ignites Change | AIGA Professional Fellowship

Location: Green River, Utah

About the project
The public education system in rural places like Green River, Utah can lack the resources, staff and perspective to help empower youth to become educated, engaged local and global citizens. Students lack beneficial experiences like exposure to young working professionals and engaging in experiential learning. 

The newspaper brings creative professionals into a rural setting to expose students to possible careers and facilitate real-life application of creative skills. The project pushes students to engage with their community, empowering exploration, strengthening relationships and contributing to a sense of place-based identity.

The Green River Newspaper is a print project made in collaboration with the local community. By working primarily with middle- and high-school students, the project empowers residents to collect creative stories that are unique to Green River. The format of a town newspaper puts a collective story in the hands of the entire community.

Learn more about The Green River Newspaper and contact Sarah Baugh, project representative, to lend your support!