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Money Matters

Think you should be making more for your efforts? Find out what your skills are worth in The Creative Group 2015 Salary Guide, containing average starting salaries for more than 125 interactive, design and marketing positions. Visit TCG's Salary Center to use our online salary calculator to compute local salaries. 

Does your workspace make people wonder?

In-house designers should certainly make themselves at home at the office, but they might want to avoid taking that liberty to an extreme. In a recent survey by The Creative Group, advertising and marketing executives were asked to describe the strangest or most surprising item they’ve seen in an employee’s workspace. They saw everything from farm animals to tree frogs, lava lamps to tombstones and mermaids to paper dolls. But how far is too far when it comes to decorating your desk or office walls? These four tips can help ensure your work area is inspiring without causing office mates to question your professionalism.

What’s the zaniest thing on your desk?

Does your office have an “anything goes” attitude when it comes to office decor? We want to see what greets you every morning when you arrive at work! Snap a picture and post it to The Creative Group’s Facebook page and share the inspiration. Click here to see what other creatives have shared so far.

Creativity can thrive even when budgets shrink

If your company is feeling an economic pinch, it can actually be a good time to exercise your creative muscles and help your organization gain a competitive edge by trying something new. Get 20 creative and fun ways to get the brainstorming ball rolling in our guide, Creativity on a Dime.

How to keep a professional vibe in a social space

More networking and business discussions are happening online rather than face-to-face these days, which means anything you say or do can be easily documented and shared. In our free booklet, Business Etiquette—The New Rules in a Digital Age, you’ll find tips for managing your online presence in a way that helps you build, not burn, your professional bridges.

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