Sponsorship opportunities

Why become an AIGA sponsor?

AIGA selectively forges relationships with forward-thinking brands that understand and are invested in the transformative power of design. A number of opportunities exist, from Official Sponsorship, which provides high impact, year-long recognition, to a variety of Program Sponsorships offering tailored messaging.

As the world’s largest and most influential design association in the world, AIGA represents more than 26,000 members and the country's 300,000 designers look to AIGA as an authority, resource and advocate. Getting involved as a sponsor connects you directly with your target audience—design trendsetters and decision makers with purchasing power.

 “For those who only thought AIGA was a place to meet book designers (which, it should be noted, it still is), AIGA [is] positioning design as a tool for systems-thinking, problem-solving, and creating real change.”
--Alissa Walker, Fast Company

“The Adobe and AIGA partnership has fostered a multi-faceted dialogue with the design community. It connects designers to each other, to their craft, to new jobs, and to evolving technologies. This lively conversation is our backdrop for creating tools that advance and advocate great design.”
--Jane Brady, Director of Product Marketing, Creative Cloud (Design and Web), Adobe

Reach opinion leaders in the design profession
AIGA followers are creative directors, junior and senior designers, brand strategists, design entrepreneurs and professionals working across the design industry. AIGA members include designers in all disciplines and at all phases of their careers, yet consistently they represent those most interested in advancing the industry and leading the profession to new levels of influence.

Get further involved in the industry
AIGA has built a reputation as a think tank and voice for progressive communication design. Our conferences and other events feature thought-leaders and visionaries of the profession, including C-level executives for whom design is critical to their business strategy. Be part of the critical dialogue surrounding the future of design.

Develop a loyal following
By establishing a firm connection between your company and the premier association of professional designers, you have linked yourself with an interest in the highest professional standards for design through an organization that designers trust. This keeps your brand top-of-mind within the profession.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Official Sponsorships are exclusive, customized relationships that strategically align your brand alongside AIGA on a national level. Official Sponsorships are tailored to a company’s marketing position, providing visibility and integration with numerous AIGA activities over an extended period. AIGA actively and visibly endorses its Official Sponsors, who become an integral part of the AIGA community, ensuring brand loyalty among AIGA’s discerning, design-savvy following. AIGA Official Sponsors—limited to six—each year have chosen to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Program Sponsorships offer the unique opportunity to become involved with specific AIGA-produced events and initiatives. From inspiring conferences and daily curated inspiration blogs to professional development programs and advocacy campaigns, AIGA offers a variety of authentic and meaningful ways to showcase your brand to the AIGA design community. Visibility is commensurate with the level of support. In addition to scheduled programs, new ventures are always in development and AIGA is open to exploring shared areas of interest.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact our corporate relations advisor or call 212-710-3139.