Selecting a president

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The selection of a presidential candidate is initiated by the current president and the executive director approximately a year before the end of the current president’s term. The attributes required from a president will vary based on the current phase of AIGA long-term strategy and positioning. Since the president must work closely with the executive director with a specific responsibility for advancing the institutional strategy, the position does not lend itself to the same procedures as selecting other board members. The current president is aware of the demands of the position and counsels the executive director in the selection of his or her successor.

The only requirement of a president is that he or she must have served on the board at least one year. The candidate can be currently on the board or recommended from a previous board member.

The president and executive director recommend a candidate to the chairman of the nominating committee; if there is general concurrence in the recommended selection, then the chairman presents the candidate to the full committee for ratification.

The president-elect will be on the board currently, on the slate for election to the board, or appointed to the board, ex officio, for a term of one year prior to being elected by members. The term of the president-elect will be from July 1 in the year preceding assumption of presidential responsibilities until June 30 of the next year.

There are no formal duties for the president-elect, although he or she shall be a member of the executive committee of the board.