Rewa Field Station: Optimal Eco Tourism

Rewa Field Station was a finalist for the 2013 Design Ignites Change | AIGA Professional Fellowship

Location: Rewa, Guyana

About this project
Destruction of ecosystems is occurring at unprecedented levels on too many fronts to imagine. We are nearing the final showdown between irresponsible land stewardship and the life of creatures and systems so informative and intriguing that to lose them would do unimaginable damage to our future as intelligent life.

With a core team of a conservation biologist and an architecture student, the Rewa Field Station project is working with the Rewa Eco Lodge to build a field station where scientists, students and sport fishing guides can stay and work. Located in the Rewa Village in the North Rupununi district of Guyana, the Rewa Field Station is a model for the future.

Next steps
The Rewa Field Station will support long-term engagement between the land, the community and individuals who want to visit and learn. The Field Station is a crossroads of exploration, a forum for the transfer of information and a laboratory for tomorrow’s solutions.

Learn more about the Rewa Field Station and contact Kate Taylor, project representative, to lend your support!