Alexandra Tuller

Member Since January 2005
Member Type Sustaining
AIGA Chapter New York
Title Principal
Company Drake Creative
Email moc.gubretteb@xela
Portfolio Site
Field Brand and identity
Design/Graphic design
Environmental design

In the mid-to late- 1990s Alex Tuller was the art and production director for Emerging Market, a division of Euromoney, that had her creating 4-color daily newspapers in Japan, Kenya, Nigeria, Spain, Cote d’Ivoire, Israel, France, Russia, The Philippines, Bulgaria, and Washington DC, just to name a few locations. During this time she not only learned how to produce a top-notch newspaper and problem on press and deliver a paper on time even with reporters getting thrown in jail and abducted, photographers film confiscated, lock down on press, quitting editors and Bulgarian Mafioso holding passports hostage, but she also learned to fly fish. In 2003, Alex and her husband started a company named after a bug, the green drake. The company draws a healthy diverse clientele. By being creatively flexible and production adaptable, Alex broaden her design focus from financial printed matter to theatrical backdrops, monumental signs, corporate identity, environmental graphic design. She also honed her skills in downhill skiing, fishing, horseback riding and cooking. She had moved from Manhattan to Millbrook. A whole new set of interesting challenges presented themselves, instead of negotiating with Filipino printers, she worked with the New York Bridge Authority to install a 35 foot sign for Walkway Over the Hudson. Alex grew up in San Francisco with two older brothers who she followed east to boarding school at Phillips Academy. She travelled south to get her BA at University of Virginia. Alex’s office is located just outside the Village of Millbrook and she lives on 26 acres with a husband, Dean Temple, two dogs, cat, horse and four chickens.

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