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Your ideas + my skills and experience = successful design solutions

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Graphic design is a way of life for me. It is my way of translating the chaos that surrounds me into clear connections. “Everything connects.”–Charles Eames. Graphic design requires a creative approach to problem solving. This approach consists of problem solving skills that I have developed through design education and professional experience. By listening, asking questions, and researching, I determine project objectives, envision and map out projects/assignments in order to deliver unique, award-winning solutions. Design has the power to generate personal, national, and global social change; design goes much deeper in the human experience than simply making things look good. The ideas and artifacts that we create, shape and define the world. Our world will be better because we have lived. Design impacts beyond boarders, cultures, and self. May we look to each other for clarity in the pursuit of a better, more beautiful world.

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