Mr. George Garrastegui, Jr.

Member Since April 2001
Member Type Sustaining
AIGA Chapter New York
Title Asst Professor
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Email moc.liamg@iugetsarragg
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The title of designer does not truly encompass all that I am. I am ... a Designer, an Entrepreneur, a Creative Thinker & a Catalyst.

I am a passionate designer who works in print, marketing, branding, strategy and fashion. After being in the industry for over 13 years, I returned to school to pursue my MFA in Graphic Design from Savannah College of Art & Design. I strengthened my belief that teamwork is the most important factor in design solutions. I think in terms of visual execution. I am in-tuned to my surrounding and how that plays a role in my work. I attack each task through research and exploration, while asking how the solutions and outcomes will affect the end user.

I aslo feel the need to surpass the idea that design is a 9-5 endevor. Along with fellow creatives, I have found and been a catalyst for artists to work on projects they are accustom to and challenge themselves. Thus the VS Project and UKRE8 were born. They allowed for additional outlets for the designer / creative and breathe life back into a possible stale environment.This include collaboration, ideation, live events and visual competitions.

Specialties: Marketing & Promotional Design, Iconography, Brand Strategy, Social Media, Implementation and Editorial Design.

  • George updated a project on Behance.
    EMPOWER the People Project TYPE I FIND ( Logo Development) Iconography Pt 2 (More Random Logos) Men of Style Encapsulated (Cadillac + Esquire)
  • George updated a project on Behance.
    Sketch Lyrics Design Issue (Road & Track) NuyoRican Type VS Project : Volume 2
  • George updated a project on Behance.
    NYC 5 Boro Pub Crawl NUYO Clothing Co. Design Issue (Road & Track) Project ACE
  • George updated a project on Behance.
    2010 Breakthrough Awards Mega Glass & Sashes Hackerspace Logo Never Forget
  • George updated a project on Behance.
    Local Grounds VS Project : Volume 1 NYC/PATH Subway Map PM Live
  • George updated a project on Behance.
    u8_Technologic Type Iconography Pt 1
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