Harold Thompson, Jr.

About Me

Creative By Nature.

Member Since December 2017
Member Type Design Leader
AIGA Chapter Charlotte
Title Webmaster / Multimedia Specialist
Company City of Charlotte
Email moc.liamg@rjnospmohteh
Website huegene.co
Field Design/Graphic design
Web design
Available for independent projects Yes
Bio My passion lies within the satisfaction of watching others grow and build their businesses. Ever since childhood I’ve admired how people take an idea from a thought to a full-fledged business. There’s something to be admired about the human desire to create and serve with said creation. I’ve also always had a passion for art and design which led me to become a Digital Designer and founding a digital marketing firm which provides photography, videography, graphic design and web design services to entrepreneurs. My singular goal is to help entrepreneurs grow their business with impactful, witty, and efficient marketing.
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