Mr. Marc Kandalaft

About Me

Designer and brand experience specialist — Artist and Photographer.

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I collaborate with people who demonstrate purpose and vision, and who are genuine in their endeavours.

I manage small and large teams of specialists in strategy, design, content, technology, and architecture to bring brands to - and into - life by placing value on authentic connection.

I take pride in capturing the essence - the who and the why - behind each brand, be it a company, a product, or an artist.

Rap. represents what I’ve become and what I’ve learnt from my experiences:
• Achievement, and success start with love.
• Simplicity isn't simple. It’s complexity reorganized.
• No matter what we do or create, there’s always a human involved in the end.
• Modernity, for us, is not always progress; often innovation begins with taking a step back.
• The strongest and the most intelligent among us will fail, if we resist change.
• Even our own beliefs may change, so smile.

Before launching Rap. in November 2014, I ran Marc Kandalaft Design for 15 years, building brands for companies in Europe, North-America, and the Middle-East.
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