Marci Kalina

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Executive Creative Director at the University of Pittsburgh since 2002

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Since 2002, Marci Kalina has worked as the University of Pittsburgh's Executive Creative Director. She has a 30-year career in graphic design, advertising, and marketing communications. Prior to her appointment with Pitt, she ran a woman-owned, minority-owned advertising and design firm, both in Pittsburgh and in Seattle, Washington. She has managed creative projects for agencies in both cities and has taught graphic design classes. From coast to coast, Marci has brought creative strategies to a wide range of organizations including Starbucks, Seattle Chamber of Commerce, City of Portland, Boeing Rockwell, University of Washington, Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, Heinz Corporation, Buchanan Ingersoll, Hefren-Tillotson, Manchester Craftsmen's Guild, PrintCafe, PNC Bank, Animal Friends, PJ Dick, Shadyside Academy, and many more. Her education is from Art Institutes International (Pittsburgh and Seattle). At age 17, Marci held her first position as a graphic designer at a travel agency in her hometown just outside the city of Pittsburgh.

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