Mr. Michael O'Connor

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Designer,Writer, Founder of Horrorfive Network, former Director of Designs at The Moynihan Charity

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I am a passionate artist and recent Ashworth College graduate having studied Graphic Design at the Business certificate Level. I work in many forms of visual communication, ranging from digital design to traditional studio arts, and my passion for art and learning is ever growing. Aside from my work as a designer i also have experience in professional level research and development having helped to codevelop a workshop that provides information on the impact that LGBTQ people have made throughout history. I am currently enrolled in an Associates level Psychology program and hope to one day inccorporate both my Art and mental health background into a art therepy profession. Currently as a Graphic Designer i hope to soon find my self working in a position that will both give me the thrill of working using the skills i currently possess, as well as will allow for me to expand my skill set along my journey as a designer.

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