Jeff Neria

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Designer interested in enhancing the human interaction with technology, IA, UX and IxD.

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After 5 months of exploring the United States for the perfect geographic match, I have landed in Austin, Texas. I am excited to find a community of tinkerers, explorers, and entrepreneurs to collaborate with and build and see great things. The main attraction of Austin for me is the vibrant tech and startup community–good craft beer, great bbq, and the best live music in the world just sweetens the deal.

I have a diverse set of interests, but perhaps the common thread of all my interests lies in trying to understand people. How they work, what motivates them, how systems of them get along, or don't.

At once a technology skeptic and an evangelist, I am in awe of some of the problems technology has been able to solve. The apparent role of the internet and associated technology as an equalizing force is inspiring. The idea that small businesses are able to not only survive, but flourish due to the "democratization" of information is truly remarkable.

My latest experience with this was when I helped a two lawyer team in my home town take on the US's 2nd largest hospital corporation that was represented by the 2nd biggest law firm in the US.(measured by revenue)

I want to be a part of this game changing software development by helping a team enhance the user experience of their products.

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