Mr. Kwesi Ferebee

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I find an enormous amount of joy in socially conscious design. While in school, I wanted to use graphic design for more than pushing commerce or glorifying the latest “this” or “that”. I wanted to use good design to “push” issues such as racial or environmental justice. I wanted to be able “sell” notions of community involvement and accountability. Since then, I have committed myself to marrying my love of design and my innate sense of activism.

I am highly knowledgeable with the most advanced graphic designing applications and I am willing to learn new applications if required. Patience, confidence, and problem solving are the keystone of my work ethic. In addition, my freelance experience has allowed me to develop excellent project management and leadership skills. 

My approach to design is about detail, integrity and personality. With twelve years of experience in graphic design, I have developed a broad range of skills while maintaining my eagerness to grow with every project.

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