Ella L. Reid

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Creative director, designer and commercial producer for over 7 years who is passionate about visual problem solving with the added benefit of being able to produce commercial and 3D pieces across the board with a great team. I would like to create amazing projects for products that are in motion. Brand the company well and see it everywhere. That's the pay-off. Given the opportunity to be challenged, by pushing my own potential and producing outstanding solutions for my clients. Conceptual designer for print and full commercial production including Incredible attention to detail while retaining the big picture. 

Responsible for running meetings with big clients to learn the product and gage the extent of the project. Design proposals and the budget that are required to create a spectacular project. Expertly converts financial sales goals and specs to meet and go beyond client objectives.

Possess excellent communication and writing skills with the flexibility and ability to perform tasks under

pressure. Attention to detail with excellent time management and leadership skills. Monitor and supervise the progress of the project from production to post production. Responsible for producing, writing and directing commercials, infomercials, music videos and film. Planning and coordinating cast, crew and managing clients and client approval.

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