Mr. John Fairley

About Me


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Who I am
I am confident, highly creative, friendly, industrious and a team leader.
I am extroverted and introverted, sometimes displaying both together.
I am both intelligent and candid in my approach to work and life.
I am disciplined and playful simultaneously.
I am open, inquiring and passionate about my work and of those around me.

What I believe
I believe that form is temporary but class is permanent.
I believe it takes ego to have risky, fresh ideas, but sensitivity to bring such ideas to life.
I believe in order to be creative you have to reason and internalise traditional culture and values.
I believe that in understanding the present one needs to keep in touch with the past.
I believe true creative talent cannot be taught.

What I can deliver
I can deliver innovative, striking and impactful visual communications.
I can deliver creativity across a wide range of platforms and disciplines.
I can deliver of myself best when working with a strong, harmonious and ambitious team.
I can deliver a wealth of craft and knowledge based skills in both advertising and design.
I can deliver on time and on budget, whatever the scale or scope of the project.

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