Mr. James P. Gaffney

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Asheville, web design, graphic design, guitars, logos and coffee. And some more coffee.

I've been a "freelance" web and graphic designer since 1999, having previously fought the beast at a corporate level. I've operated Blue Dozen Design with one goal in mind - terrific design for everyone. The way I design for mom n' pop is the same way I design for large corporations. Everyone deserves terrific, well thougt-out design. Period. The business has grown over the years to include several folks, but the ethos has always remained.

Personally, I have 5 children and an amazing wife (she runs,) so my "outside life" can be a little hectic. I'm very thankful to operate my own business, where everything slows down a hair, and good coffee and music flow. My office is a great sanctuary - and the peace fuels me. I am an avid guitar player (acoustic, mainly) and a huge fan of British television - especially from the 80's.

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