Mr. Nektar Baziotis

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Translating ideas & thoughts to graphics & programs

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Since my first job in 1997, I have been active in 
Project Management and Business Consulting in the
area of IT and web. For me, the key is strong
communication and successfully overcoming challenges.

Though my background in Mathematics, Business,
Psychology and Diplomacy helps to understand
concepts, I strongly believe that the best decisions are
based on the mix of intelligence and intuition.

In my dictionary words such as failure, difficult and
impossible are non-existent. Every problem hides an
immense opportunity to evolve and increase our level
of intelligence in order to bring solid and active solutions.
My philosophy is built on responsibility and 
turning the impossible to I'm possible!

  • Project management and Team coordination on
    web projects including e-shops, portals, social
    networks, web 2.0, elearning, e-branding
  • Website & Graphic Design 
  • Business Development
  • Business Consultant
  • Information Systems & Database expert
  • E-learning Expert
  • Human Resources Management
  • Crisis Management
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