Jess Bonniwell

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I suppose that you would like to know a bit about me?

That sounds grand, but I’ll not bore you with too many details. Let’s just aim for a practical yet somewhat eloquent sum-up.

My name is Jess Bonniwell, I am a Graphic Artist, Photographer, and Amateur Film maker. I received my Associates in Applied Science in the Graphic Arts from Lewis & Clark Community College in 2011 and my Bachelor’s in Applied Science in the Graphic Arts with Robert Morris University at the close of 2012. During, previous to, and since my education I have worked in the digital and traditional art field, satisfying my own need to create as well as the needs of my employers and clients.

Constantly I search for new mediums and styles to implement into my work, seeking to evolve not only my art, but also myself, and by doing so offer more to my clients.

While I have a strong sense of personal style, I am aware that all tastes are different, and that none are necessarily above the rest. Each set of eyes born into the world sees things through a slightly different colored lens than the rest of us do. In light of this fact, I have adopted the ability to make my work fluid upon request, adapting it especially to the various needs and preferences of the client.
The world takes all kinds.

Hopefully, this text has given you a basic glimpse into what I am (and perhaps even a little of who I am), and whether or not you are prepared to find out more. Whatever your opinion on the matter is, I thank you deeply for reading all this.

My best,

Jess Bonniwell.

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