Mr. Alexander E. Allis

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Hi! I’m Alex.

Everything is possible if you know how to think about it the right way. I position myself between the expected and the enlightened, looking for new ways to communicate old ideas. By strategically situating graphic design and myself between these two dichotomies, I seek to open people’s minds in new and interesting ways, bridging synapses that were previously uncorrelated, and generating inspiration. 

At a time where content creation becomes increasingly accessible to the independent producer, I find it more important than ever to emphasize that good ideas do not depend on what you have. Rather, it is what you do with what you have that matters. As I look upon dying last breath of the printed form and gaze out to nascent digital age, I can’t forget what is possible with pigment and a brush, wonder if graphic design might be better with just a pencil, and after ten straight hours of staring at a specially calibrated, high-definition screen, go home and draw on the kitchen table.

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