Mark Supert

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After completing my undergraduate degree in finance from the University of Illinois, I began a career in structured finance and securitization. As part of the group analytics team, I focused on financial modeling, data research and visual communication of securitized products for clients. Many of our clients included institutional investors and asset management firms. Due to the complexity of the financial instruments coupled with dynamic data characteristics, an efficient and transparent communication and data delivery system was essential to our workflow and active client engagement.

During my time working for both a large corporate bank and a regional investment firm, I also helped implement two organizational restructures and regional technology upgrades, working with associates at regional offices in Boston and Charlotte. We created training modules and beta testing for system upgrades and new team structures. Each project had a completion timeline of approximately 18 months. 

After 6 years in the industry, it became apparent that institutional organizational structures, client diversity, and technology limitations created inadequate information networks and environments of increased economic risk. These experiences fostered my interest in the products and systems used to collect, organize, and deliver pertinent data to personal, public and commercial spaces.

Beginning in August 2013, I joined the Master of Design program at the IIT Institute of Design. I hope to apply my past experiences and understand the interactive relationships people have with personal, public and commercial spaces and how we use the data surrounding our lives.

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