Mr. Jed Rollins

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I got my start at 14 when I travelled all over Eastern Europe to photograph Presidents and Prime Ministers and small villages along the Adriatic Coastline like the ones on the island of Brac. I developed an excitement for rich textures and a sense for photographing things as they are and letting the natural beauty come out wether it be from a vast landscape or an intimate portrait of a foreign dignitary. I’ve come to see that the best way to work is to focus on very few projects that I really feel passionate about and work harder than anyone else would. In 2012 I won the highest award for collegiate photographers (as well as some other recognitions from UIL, Journalism Education Association, and International Thespian Society) and have gone on to work for Rick Santorum’s campaign for President, spend time on film and commercial shoots, be published by an assortment of news agencies and publications (local and syndicated), and travel to 5 continents photographing things from Mountains in Canada to architecture in some of my favorite places in Europe to lifestyle in the Amazon Basin. I’ve also been decorated as a Director of Photography, and designed visual identities for companies large and small. Through all that the mission has never changed, even though the scenery and medium may, make whatever I get my hands on as visually stunning as possible.

I also love vintage watches (Patek and Jaeger are my favorites but I’m not picky. Check out Ankorhem for more on that stuff) and Formula One Racing.

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